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NEWMED Corporation Announces Changes

Newton, MA - November 18, 1997 - NEWMED Corporation today announced a series of personnel changes. Company founder, James G. Bath, has assumed the role of CEO and President, replacing Daniel J. Hawkins, who is leaving the company to pursue other interests. Hawkins will continue serving on the company's board of directors.

Yael Zisling has joined NEWMED as Director of Marketing and Lester Werblin has been appointed as Manufacturing Manager. Zisling brings over 15 years of marketing experience, with successful marketing of OTC
pharmaceutical products. Werblin has a varied background in mechanical engineering and management. In the past he worked at GTE Government Systems and Raytheon.

NEWMED Corporation, headquartered in Newton, MA, is a medical device Company specializing in products that help people manage their own respiratory health. NEWMED's mission is to enable people with a respiratory condition, parents of asthmatic children, and healthcare professionals to better manage treatment. The company was founded in 1993.

The Company's first product, the DOSER, tracks the use of medication taken from a Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) as the inhaler is used normally. It is the first and only product of its kind. With its self-contained microcomputer, the DOSER counts and displays the number of inhalations remaining in the MDI, and displays the number of inhalations taken in the current day. It also stores the number of inhalations taken in each of the last 30 days in its memory and alerts the user when the MDI
is nearly empty. With its self-contained battery, the DOSER lasts a full year.

To find out where you can purchase the DOSER in your area, call MEDITRACK Products, 1-800-863-9633.


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