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Who Needs the DOSER?

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Inhaler Users

If you use metered dose inhalers (MDIs), you know it can be difficult to keep track of your medication.

Like most inhaler users, you worry about running out of your rescue medication - about being caught with an empty inhaler just when you need it most. Or you may find you need a refill after the pharmacy has closed. Knowing when your inhaler is about to run out is tough - you can't look inside the inhaler to see how much medication is left. Shaking or floating the inhaler is only guesswork, and can leave you unprepared. With the DOSER, you always know exactly how many inhalations are left in the canister, at all times.

If you use medication for a chronic illness, and take a prescribed number of inhalations at different times during the course of the day, you know how impossible it is to keep track of your puffs. The DOSER keeps a daily record of how many times the inhaler has been used. At any time during the day, you can look at your DOSER and see how many puffs you have taken. It's a great help in sticking to your medication plan.

The DOSER eliminates all the guesswork. With the DOSER's automatic functions, you always know exactly how many inhalations remain in the inhaler canister, and how many puffs you have taken that day.

The DOSER provides you with Peace of Mind.



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