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Who Needs the DOSER?

Inhaler Users
Parents of Asthmatics
Doctors, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists


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Good Medicine

For the first time, both you and your customers will have the information you need for fact-based discussions about inhalation therapy. With the DOSER, you will be able to better understand the customer's patterns of medication use.

DOSER Provides Peace of Mind for Your Respiratory Customers

As a pharmacist, you know how confusing respiratory medication can be for your customers, their parents, or their care givers. Keeping track of medication use, getting refills at the appropriate time, or monitoring a child's inhaler use are challenges that are finally met by the DOSER.

Recommend the DOSER

  • Strengthen your relationships with key customers
  • Help respiratory customers be better informed
  • Increase refill rates and store visits as DOSER increases medication compliance
  • In-store promotional aids available, including "bag stuffer", brochures, etc.
  • DOSER available in a variety of counter and shelf display formats

DOSER is Especially Good for:

  • First time inhaler users
  • Mothers of asthmatic children
  • Adults on multiple medication

That's good business!

To order the DOSER call us at 1-800-863-9633.

The DOSER is available in a retail point-of-sale displayer, containing six individually packaged units.

Various sales aids are available: salesaids@doser.com.



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