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The DOSER in Clinical Trials

The DOSER is currently being used in several studies. Following is a summary of studies currently underway:

Ongoing, Supported Studies

Pediatric Patient and Parent Satisfaction Study:
40 children between the ages of 5 and 16
Location: Henry Ford Health System, Allergy Research Laboratory, Sterling Heights Medical Center
Principal Investigator: Dennis R. Ownby, M.D.,
Study Aim: understand asthmatic children's and the children's parents' perceptions of the DOSER over the course of using the DOSER for 12 weeks.

Lung Health Study II, Ancillary Study:
The DOSER CT is being incorporated into the protocol for study participants taking between 25 and 75% of the prescribed amounts of inhaled steroid/placebo with an aim of evaluating the DOSER's ability to improve compliance.
Location: The study will be conducted at 11 of the 12 centers participating in the Lung Health Study, with a treatment duration of 12 months.The Lung Health Study is funded by the Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, I
Study Aim: the study is aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of various therapeutic approached to treating smokers and people in the early stages of COPD.

DOSER Compliance Study with AerobidTM: This study is being supported jointly by NEWMED and Forest Labs to examine the DOSER's ability to improve adherence with the inhaled steroid, Aerobid, by asthmatics on dual therapy. The study will be done at the UCLA Medical Center, Principal Investigator: Gerald H. Markovitz, MD.

Other Studies using the DOSER

Childhood Asthma Management (CAMP), Ancillary Study: The DOSER CT is being evaluated at one site, the National Jewish Medical and Research Center (Denver), on its ability to improve children's adherence with inhaled steroids.

Do you know of any other studies using DOSER? If so, please let us know.

Have ideas for further studies using the DOSER? Let us know.


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