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The DOSER's Features and Benefits

DOSER’s™ Features

DOSER’s™ Benefits

•  Displays the number of inhalations remaining in the inhaler.· Three "beep" alert informs user that fewer than 20 inhalations remain in the canister.

•  Those with respiratory conditions, and the parents of asthmatic children, can avoid being caught without medication.

•  Displays the number of inhalations taken during the current day. •  Enables easy monitoring for better self care. Makes following doctors'  instructions easier, especially for those on daily medication.

•  Parents can better monitor children's medication usage.
•  Stores up to 30 days usage history in a separate memory, which can be reviewed at any time, with the press of a button. •  Healthcare professionals are able to accurately monitor their patients' compliance with preventative medication, and the over/under use of rescue medication.

The DOSER works in conjunction
with most Rx* inhalers
(and may be transferred
from inhaler to inhaler).

* Except Atrovent and Tilade.


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