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Frequently Asked Questions, Part 1

Each DOSER comes with detailed instructions about using and understanding the DOSER. Most questions about the DOSER can be answered by referring to the instructions. Below are examples of questions which may be asked by DOSER users.

How does the DOSER work?
The DOSER is and electronic digital counter which attaches to your metered dose inhaler and keeps track of how often the inhaler is used. It tracks both the total number of inhalations, and the number of inhalations taken each day.

How does the DOSER know what's in the canister?
The DOSER is a pressure activated device. Every time you press down on the inhaler to take a puff the DOSER records the actuation. The DOSER will continue to count down the number of inhalations in the canister until it reaches 0. When the count is at 0, that means that you have finished the total number of metered doses in the canister. You need to replace the canister with a new, full canister, and reset the DOSER to the number of inhalations in the new canister.

How do I know how much is in the canister to begin with?
You can find the number of metered doses contained in your medication canister by looking at the small print on the side of the canister.

The DOSER says that there are 0 inhalations remaining in the canister, but when I shake the canister, I can tell that there is still something in there. Should I continue to use the inhaler?
No. It is normal for some material to be left in an inhaler after all of the recommended metered doses are taken. The FDA has approved the inhaler only for the number of metered doses stated on the side of the canister. Once you have taken that number of inhalations, you should discard the old canister and get a new one.


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